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 Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac

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MessageSujet: Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac   Dim 23 Déc 2012 - 11:46

Décidément, je suis une quiche en anglais. J'ai installé ce "mod" sur le SCAR-Mod, et il y aurais pal mel de chose à régler, MAIS je ne comprend pas comment paramétrer le bignou.

Les réglage se font dans le "ShaderSettings.txt" se trouvant dans: "..\gamedata\shaders\r2"

J'ai compris qu'avec les // c'étais du commentaire. Facile à voir avec notepad++ en choisissant "Langage"->"D"->"D"
// Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme Preset - By Meltac, Kingo64, Sky4CE, JJ Walker
#ifndef SSM_Mount
#define SSM_Mount
//Feature Enable/Disable: Comment a feature (Add the //) to disable, or uncomment (Remove the //) to enable.
// Comments with a '#' are Kingo64's notes

   //World effects
   #define DEPTH_OF_FIELD       // Enables Depth Of Field  # Blurs objects in the distance
   #define PARALLAX_OCCLUSION   // Enables Parallax Occlusion Mapping  # Makes surfaces look bumpy and 3d at the cost of fps. Worth it
   #define SSAO         // Enables Screen Space Ambient Occlusion  # Looks good if you are stuck on Object Dynamic Lighting
   #define SUN_SHAFTS      // Enables Sun Shafts (god rays) # Only noticable on Full Dynamic Lighting, looks very nice but causes poor performance on some computers. Also makes the environment much brighter and natural.
   //#define USE_SJITTER      // Uses shadow jittering, a modern method of smoothing out shadow edges. Applies to flashlight, and to world if SUN_FILTER is enabled.
   #define USE_SUNMASK      // Enables sun shadow masking # Seems to be the line that produces shadows based on sun orientation. I am not sure if F32 needs or it should avoid it

   //Screen Space effects
   #define USE_MBLUR      // Enables Motion Blur # This forces Motion Blur on like -mblur. Adjust the blur amount with MBLUR_COEF later in this script.
   #define IMPROVED_MBLUR      // Use distance-depending Motion Blur - Adjust START_DIST and FINAL_DIST to your needs.
   //#define SKY4CE_MBLUR       // # Seems to break Motion Blur and Anti-Aliasing altogether
   //#define SATURATION_FILTER   // Enables Saturation Filter, giving a grey like appearance to areas which are "unsafe".
   #define FORCED_SATURATION_FILTER   // Meltac: Forces the above saturation filter in cases in which it does not work.
   #define CONTRAST_FILTER      // Enables Contrast Filter, giving a grey like appearance to areas which are "unsafe".

   //#define USE_F32      // Enables Float32 mod. Breaks saturation and contrast filters. # If you are using Panoramic Mod 2.1 FINAL from Argus make sure you have a // at the start of this line
   //#define USE_F32_FOG      // Enables Float32 style fog. Requires Float32 to be enabled.
   #define CUSTOM_SHADOW_RESOLUTION int(4096) // Use a custom shadow size. Default is 1024 (1024x1024).

//Depth Of Field - By Meltac, Sky4ce

   //Basic options:
   #define DOF_QUALITY float(12)            //Amount of DOF samples. Maximum value is 12.

   //Distance Options:
   #define MINDIST float(15.0)                   // Minimum distance DOF starts. Default is 0.4.  // TWILIGHT KET USES 15
   #define MAXDIST float(275)                   // Distance at which DOF stops rendering. Default is 375
   #define MAXCOF   float(2.5)               // Blur amount - if using DDOF, this should not differ too much from DDOF_MAXCOF (I use same value)
   // Meltac: Near Field DOF, Zoom DOF, and Dynamic DOF
   // Blur algorithm - Classic blur by Sky4ce (faster), or linear gaussian blur by Meltac (slower but smoother/better quality)
   //#define DOF_CLASSIC                  // Use classic blur algorithm; if disabled, use gaussian blur algorithm (=default).
   //#define DOF_CLASSIC_ZOOM               // Same as above but for zoom mode
   #define DOF_CORRECTION float (2.0)         // Factor to equalize the amount of gaussian to classic blur. Default is 2.0.
   // Oversampling for better quality (not really improving much, but making game startup slower - use at your own risk)
   #define DOF_OVERSAMPLING int(1)            // oversampling ratio. Default is 1.
   // Near Field DOF (see also Dynamic DOF, because the effects are interfering!)   
   #define MAXNEAR float(0.7)               // Distance at which Near Field DOF starts. Default is 0.7. Larger values will blur your weapon more, and not only its near part.
   #define MINNEAR float(0.0)               // Distance at which Near Field DOF stops. Default is 0.0
   #define MAXCOF_NEAR float(7.0)            // Near Field blur amount. Interferes heavily with DDOF. Default is value 7.0 without, 15.0 with DDOF.
   // Zoom DOF
   #define ZOOM_PERIBLUR                  // Enable/disable peripheral blur in zoom/aim mode.
   #define ZOOM_DDOF                     // Enable/disable dynamic DOF in zoom/aim mode.
   #define ZOOM_CENTER float2(0.500001f,0.497f) // Screen center measuring point for zoom DOF calculation. Modify this value if center is blurred while zooming.
   #define ZOOM_FOV float (67.5)            // Field of View (FOV) angle at which zoom/aim mode is considered to be active. Do not change this value by default.
   #define ZOOM_MINDIST float(15.0)           // Minimum distance (radius) from screen center where DOF starts.
   #define ZOOM_MAXDIST float(260.0)         // Distance radius from screen center at which DOF stops rendering (beyond that value - full blur).
   #define ZOOM_MAXCOF float(80.0)            // Blur amount at the screen border while zooming.
   #define ZOOM_FACTOR float(10.0)            // The stepness of the blur amount raising from center to border. Good values are 10-12.
   #define ZOOM_BARRIER float (20.0)         // (DEBUG) Distance from the screen center at which blurring starts, in relative pixels.
   // Dynamic DOF (caution: interferes with near field DOF)
   #define DDOF                        // Enable/disable Dynamic DOF (blurring coefficient is DDOF_MAXCOF)   
   #define DDOF_CENTER float2(0.500001f,0.500001f) // Screen center measuring point for dynamic DOF calculation. Do not change this value by default.   
   #define DDOF_MINDIST_ADD float(0.5)         // Added to focus distance, at this distance begins blurring
   #define DDOF_MAXDIST_FACTOR float(4.0)      // Mindist * factor = maxdist
   #define DDOF_MINDIST float(0.0)            // Minimum focus distance where DDOF starts rendering. Was 1.5 or 3.5
   #define DDOF_MAXDIST float(7.0)            // Focus distance at which DDOF start to fade/decrease blur.
   #define DDOF_MAXBARRIER float(15.0)         // Focus distance at which DDOF stops rendering. Beyond this focus distance, no DDOF, only regular (distance) DOF
   #define DDOF_MINBARRIER float (4.0)         // Focus distance that makes the upper barrier for near field DDOF.
   #define DDOF_MAXCOF   float(2.5)            // DDOF distance blur factor - good balanced is value 2.0 - 5.0 - see also MAXCOF
   #define DDOF_MAXCOF_NEAR float (2.5)      // DDOF near field blur factor
   // Debug only - do not use in production environment
   //#define DDOF_DEBUG   

//Adaptive Nightvision Scopes - By Meltac
   // Basic options:
   #define NV                           // Enables adaptive night vision
   #define NV_RADIUS float(0.5)            // Radius of the night vision effect (1.0 = entire screen, use 0.5 for vanilla, 0.21 for gnomus scopes)
   #define NV_SCREENRATIO float(0.625)         // Screen Ratio; use 0.75 for 4:3 (normalscreen) and 0.625 for 16:10 (widescreen) resolution
   #define NV_FULLSCREEN                  // Enables/disables night vision in fullscreen mode (e.g. when using binoculars)
   // Adaptive light amplification options:
   #define NV_AMP float(4.0)               // Light amplification factor. Good values are 2.0 to 4.0
   #define NV_RED float(0.1)               // Red color bias
   #define NV_CONTRAST float(0.9)            // Contrast
   #define NV_BRIGHTNESS float(0.10)         // Base brightness
   #define NV_MINBRIGHT float(0.8)            // Minimal brightness correction for light adaption   
   #define NV_MAXBRIGHT float(2.5)            // Maximal brightness correction for light adaption. Balanced: 2.5, High > 3.0
   // Additional scope zoom options:
   //#define NV_ZOOM float(1.5)            // Additional zoom/magnification when using scope. Lowers resolution. A good balanced value is 1.5. Comment this value out if you don't want additional scope zoom.
   #define NV_BIAS float(0.25)               // Zoom bias applied towards periphery of zoomed scope. Set 0 for no bias.
//Anti-Aliasing (does not really work well, use at your own risk; at the moment, non-zoom mode only)

   // Basic options:
   //#define AA                        // Enables Anti-Aliasing
   #define AA_KERNEL  float(0.7)            // PS: 0.5   

   #define AA_BARRIER_X float(0.900000)
   #define AA_BARRIER_Y float(0.500000)
   #define AA_BARRIER_Z float(0.000000)
   #define AA_WEIGHTS_X float(0.250000)
   #define AA_WEIGHTS_Y float(0.250000)
   #define AA_WEIGHTS_Z float(0.000000)

//Parallax Occlusion Mapping

   //Basic Options:
   #define MAX_SAMPLES int(40)      //Maximum amount of samples done to a texture.
   #define MIN_SAMPLES int(4)      //Minimum amount of samples done to a texture.
   #define PARALLAX_OFFSET float(0.015)   //Height of surface per sample.
   #define FINAL_INTERSECTION_LOOPS int(5)   //Amount of additional samples to increase accuracy.

   //Performance Options:
   //#define PARALLAX_FADE         //Parllax textures fade back to regular normals with distance; increases FPS and fixes anisotropic filtering. #Disabling this strangely gave me a much higher FPS.
   #define START_FADE float(0.0003)   //Distance the fading starts
   #define STOP_FADE float(0.0004)      //Distance the fading stops, and the texture returns to just using normals.
   //Other Options:
   //#define USE_TEXTURE_PACK      //Uses height maps built into texture files, rather than self generating them. Requires special textures (81mb) # Put a // at the start of this line if you are running low on RAM or get 'Out of Memory' errors. Also it may cause other problems such as disabling the feature altogether
     //#define CORRECT_PERSPECTIVE      //WARNING!!! artifacts will appear if defined
   #define CONTRAST_COEF_Q1 float(0.6)   //Amount of contrast in calculations.
   #define CONTRAST_COEF_Q2 float(1)   //Amount of contrast in calculations.
   #define BRIGHTNESS_COEF float(0.25)   //Amount of brightness in calculations.

//Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

   //Basic options:
   #define SSAO_QUALITY int(2)    //Amount of SSAO samples. Use 2 for low quality and 3 for high quality. 0 and 1 are invalid. #The only noticable difference is the framerate :P
   #define SSAO_TEX_CONT      //Increase texture contrast for diffuse lighting  # This line makes SSAO much darker. If it is too dark add a // to the start of the line or increase the value on the line below.
   #define CONT_COEF float(0.3)   //Brightness increase amount

   //Only for testing.
   #define FADE_DIST float(4)
   #define FADE_COEF float(0.2)

//Sun Shafts

   //Basic options:
   #define RAY_SAMPLES int(12)   //Amount of sun ray samples. The higher this is, the better the quality and the lower your framerate.
   #define SS_INTENSITY float(1.5)   // intesity of sun shafts

   //Only for testing.
   #define SS_CONTRAST float(4)   //Amount of contrast during sunray calculation.
//   #define SS_FARNEARLERP   // # Seemed to give me more FPS but caused massive sun errors. Leave it disabled.

//Motion Blur

   //Basic options:
   #define MBLUR_SAMPLES int(20)   // Quality(Intesity)

   #define SCALE_X float(-0.03) // Velocity ratio X
   #define SCALE_Y float(0.03) // Velocity ratio Y
   #define START_DIST float(1.0) // Interpolation start distance
   #define FINAL_DIST float(300.0) // Interpolation end distance
   #define VEL_START float(0.001) //Velocity softening at start distance - default is 0.009, but I consider this value too high
   #define VEL_FIN float(0.02) //Velocity softening at end distance
   #define IMB_CLAMP float(0.01) //Motion Blur Ratio Clamp
   // Meltac: Use this instead of the "r2_mblur" setting in the console to define the motion blur amount
   //#define MBLUR_COEF float2(1.0,0.0)

//Saturation and Contrast

   //Basic options:
   #define COLOR_SATURATION float(0.80)      //Level of Grey. 0 is all grey (Black and White), 1 is no Grey (Why have this enabled?)
   #define COLOR_SAT_SUN_COEF float(0.60)       //How much influence sun lighting has on the saturation.
   #define CONTRAST_FILTER_COEF float(0.40)   //Level of full screen contrast.

//Float32 v2.0

   //Basic options:
   #define CT_int  1.25f       //Cook Tolerance of the sun.
   #define CT_int_in  1.25f    //Cook Tolerance of indoor lighting.
   #define BLOOM_val 0.6h       //Bloom brightness - Increases HDR brightness of the sky
   #define HDR_int  10.h       //HDR cutoff - Total HDR brightness

//RADEON COMPATIBILITY MODE - For those who can not use Fetch4 or have issues! Not needed on most modern GPUs.
   //#define NO_F4

//Forced Settings - Debug

// #define USE_GAMMA_22
// #define USE_SUNFILTER
// #define USE_HWSMAP
// #define USE_HWSMAP_PCF   // nVidia GF3+, R600+
// #define USE_BRANCHING
// #define USE_VTF      // VertexTextureFetch
// #define FP16_FILTER
// #define FP16_BLEND
// #define USE_PARALLAX
// #define USE_TDETAIL
// #define USE_LM_HEMI
// #define USE_DISTORT
// #define DBG_TMAPPING


Déjà une traduction Fr serais chouette.

Merci par avance....
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MessageSujet: Re: Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac   Dim 23 Déc 2012 - 14:53

Extra! Kahului à déjà pondu une trad du texte: (C'est pas Pâque, pourtant!)


Большое спасибо, дружище!

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Admin & Moddeur

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MessageSujet: Re: Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac   Sam 19 Jan 2013 - 0:04

Bonjour Dada4

Les "Dynamic Depth Of Field Shaders By Meltac" sont uniquement une fonction script du fichier "shader_control.script"
Qui gère de façon plus précis et plus efficace les effects Dynamic du "STALKERShadersMAX1.06" (aussi fournie dans l'archive)
qu'on peu aussi paramètrer a sa façon en activant ou désactivant l'une des nombreuses fonction du fichier ""ShaderSettings.txt"

Personnellement je les aient tous installez et tester dans mon installation du DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 sans toucher
a aucun paramètres et c'est amplement satisfaisant avec les réglages par default de Meltac!

Le résultât donne un effect de réalisme surtout quand on zoom avec une arme et quand on pointe une cible avec le curseur
ça donne un effet de flou autour et un effect de netteté sur la cible avec des détails de textures (Shaders) incroyablement
beau a visualiser! le plus Évoluer que j'ai pu tester jusqu'à aujourd'hui! et la version 2 des Dynamic Depth Of Field Shaders
by Meltac approche sur Moddb a moin que la date soit repousser...

- Nature Winter 2.3 Black Edition (Eng v1.01 Deluxe by Boutch71) Official Release ~
- NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD EDITION by Boutch71 v1.0 Beta+addon by Saruman 1.1.. ~
- DMX 1.3.4 English Edition v1.07b by Boutch71 - 1322012 ~
- Add-On New Weapons Pack Vol.1 By Boutch71 ~
- L'expérience est un maitre étrange qui désapprend ce qu'il vous a enseigné!
- Martin F.Turpper - Proverbial Philosophy - 1838.
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MessageSujet: Re: Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac   

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Aide pour "Dynamic Shaders 1.1 - Extreme" by Meltac
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